Bridget Jones's Baby
Bridget Jones’s Baby

When you love a series, be it book, television show or movie, you’re already predisposed to loving each new addition – much like having a baby. But you also have moments when you think “I love the first one (or two) so much, how can I possibly love the third?” Well, like human babies, you just do, although you can’t help but compare them to each other. Admit it, you do.

The first Bridget Jones movie was a delight and became a welcome, well-worn friend to every curvy woman who had ever had a broken heart. The second was good too, although not as memorable. Things ramped up for a third movie, giving those geriatric ovaries some action – thus Bridget Jones’s Baby!

Fans of the franchise won’t be disappointed – much. Bridget’s self-deprecating, wine-slugging, romantic ways and fun and quirky friends are all back in Bridget Jones’s Baby. But for me, once out from under the spell of a romantic comedy and loyalty to the Bridget Jones franchise, I could see a little more clearly and have these observations about the film:

  1. Bridget is slim! And it’s glossed over with a single diary entry early on: “Finally down to my goal weight…” Really? That’s it? Let’s hear a little more about how that happened since her extra poundage had been a factor in the first two movies. We want to hear about the struggle!
  2. Despite love, love, loving Colin Firth, I really don’t get why Bridget still loves “Mark Darcy” so much. They do a too-quick montage of all of the ways he disappointed/ignored/neglected her during their time together (the movie starts post-breakup when he is married to someone else) and he doesn’t seem to have become any warmer or more comfortable in his skin. Yet there’s newcomer, stubble-faced Patrick Dempsey as “Jack” who is as good looking as, well, Patrick Dempsey, and he’s rich, charming, committed and loving (those attributes are in no particular order). Except for one minor transgression (won’t spoil it), he’s a keeper. Ah, so typical – go for the guy who keeps showing you he’s not all that into you and pass off the one who is! BTW, the scene with Jack in which he “catches up” on the dates missed between their one night stand and finding out they may have conceived a baby is totally adorable. It’ll do wonders for IKEA sales!
  3. Although formulaic, the majority of the plot is still warm-hearted, funny and just varied enough to keep one’s eyes from rolling. But roll they do at the point when Bridget tells the two potential fathers of her baby that either one could be the daddy. And at the near-end when, somehow not ONE SINGLE TAXI can be found in London to take Bridget to the hospital, resulting in a ridiculous journey there.
  4. Renee Zellweger’s English accent – I just can’t buy it, movie after movie. I just isn’t quite real enough.
  5. Plastic Surgery-Gate: Did she or didn’t she? I don’t know. I don’t really care. If she did, I give her credit for leaving in plenty of wrinkles and creases that naturally come with wisdom and age. In fact, of all the returning characters, Zellweger looked the most like she’d aged while the others looked pretty frozen in time.
  6. The scene in which Bridget sees her baby for the first time in the ultrasound will make anyone who has ever been pregnant weepy – just be prepared.
  7. I can throw all of my criticisms out the window just thinking about the scenes with Emma Thompson who plays Bridget’s obstetrician. Thompson was also one of the writers of the story – it’s always nice when you can write yourself a great part, isn’t it? She is hi-larious and delightful and made the whole movie better.

Bridget Jones’s Baby opens September 16. Note, the trailer below contains misleading editing and quite a few scenes that are not in the movie so don’t get too attached!





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