The Denver Chalk Art Festival is this weekend. It’s a tradition in Denver’s festival lineup. And it’s a tradition for the In Good Taste Denver team who has never missed it. We thought it would be fun to take a look at the festival in a numerically-interesting way: 

15, the number of years the Denver Chalk Art Festival has been going on. 

200 professional and amateur artists from around the country. The majority are from Colorado.

2 days of the festival also means that much time the artists spend on their hands and knees in the heat, creating works of art.

16th Century – the period in Renaissance Italy when the tradition began of artists transforming asphalt into canvas using chalk. The artists were called “madonnari,” because they usually did drawings of the Madonna.

Chalk Art 1972 – the year the art form was officially brought back to life after World War II brought many hardships, greatly reducing the number of artists.

12’ X 12’ is the size of street masterpieces created by six madannari, who are featured artists.

100 volunteers are needed this and every year.

175 pounds of chalk is layered onto the pavement in the course of the festival, which has to be picked up by a street sweeper to help keep water clean and wildlife safe.

Chalk Art 1996 is the year the Lower Downtown Denver Arts Association was established as a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting arts awareness and education in Denver.

14 and 15 – the streets from Market to Lawrence that contain the Denver Chalk Art Festival.

3 and 4 – the dates in June in which this unique festival happens.

$0 – the admission cost.

$15 is the amount of credit you get toward your first three Lyft rides to the Festival when you use our exclusive code,  IGTD17.

Chalk Art Festival
We have no numbers to share about the food that will be at the Denver Chalk Art Festival, but dang, doesn’t this look good?!

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