We love the sounds of this program, their methods of growing and their intentions! Here’s some information from Grower’s Organic that we’d like to share with you, including details about a special deal for Friday and Saturday. Go! Eat healthy and prosper. 


Growers Organic
The Big GoBox from Grower’s Organic, photo courtesy Grower’s Organic.

Grower’s Organic, a small and devoted team of farmers and distributors of organic produce and products, is taking steps to localize the food supply to chefs, grocery stores and consumers in Colorado. Earth Day weekend is the official launch of a Freight Farm at their headquarters at 6400 Broadway, Unit 11, in Denver.  They’ll also be celebrating Earth Day weekend by offering wildflower seed bombs for bees, and organic treats made by local purveyors to anyone who picks up a newly-launched GOBOX, or visits the market at their headquarters on Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22 between 11am-2pm. First-time purchasers of a GOBOX will receive 25% off on these days.

The Freight Farm, a vertical hydroponic farm, is built entirely inside a 40’ x 8’ x 9.5’ upcycled shipping container, and provides an environment conducive for growing certain lettuces and vegetables all year. It maximizes space for food production and decreases water usage, making it an efficient system for urban areas which lack access to fresh produce. These urban areas are considered “food deserts” and the Freight Farm creates a small oasis within them. Grower’s Organic is the first distributor in Denver to grow produce at their headquarters—a sign of their passion and dedication toward integrating an organic and sustainable food chain in urban areas.

Grower's Organic
Just like humans, produce doesn’t have to be picture-perfect to be wonderful. Photo courtesy Grower’s Organic.

Additionally, as part of their commitment to reimagining and reconstructing the food chain in urban areas, Grower’s Organic began a CSA-style system of organic produce shares called GOBOXES in March of this year. The most recent addition is the “Pretty Ugly” GOBOX— a produce share of vegetables that are slightly bruised or have had blemishes removed, but are perfectly tasty and usable. The Pretty Ugly GOBOXES are $17, with $1 of every box donated to a local nonprofit, We Don’t Waste, focused on reducing food waste.


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