Ignite Kitchen + Cocktail’s redecorating provided a lighter feel and a warm glow.

Man Candy. We’ve never forgotten it. The last time we visited Ignite Kitchen + Cocktails (then Ignite Burger Bar), in Denver’s Ballpark neighborhood, we really enjoyed the food and atmosphere (although it was really hard to see because everything was so dark). We especially remembered their candied, spiced bacon, brilliantly-named Man Candy. We visited again recently and found a much different look and a new, but equally-well-crafted menu that had wisely retained that pork-a-licious treat. 

The dark, heavy, reddish, but kinda sexy atmosphere has been lightened up, providing a classy, hip place in warm gold and green tones. Vintage pieces such as iron Spanish gates and 19th century leaded glass windows bring out the history of the space. It’s now as appropriate for a business lunch as it is for a date.

Along with the décor, Ignite elevated its menu. There are shareable dishes such as Wood-Fired Mussels, flat breads, burgers (a signature item), a Crispy Korean Chicken Sandwich, Tuna Poke Bowl and Ruby Red Trout. When a menu’s variety is vast and the ingredients varied, you have to wonder how they can possibly do it all well. In everything we tried ingredients were fresh, lively and full-flavored. Did I mention they still have that beautifully lacquered Man Candy bacon? Boy, I hope they never get rid of that. Or their guacamole. The two together would be the great start of a great B.L.A.T.! Are you listening, Ignite kitchen staff?

Here are some pictures of the food from the night we visited:

Reason enough to go to Ignite, their guacamole and Man Candy bacon are tops. Love the addition of toasted pinion nuts on the guac!
The Crispy Korean Chicken Sandwich provides lots to dig into.
A deconstructed sushi roll becomes an amazing salad that the staff said they eat every day. They also said it was like crack. We get that.
A beautiful, fresh Tuna Poke.
Ribs, trout, steak, mussels and bacon-wrapped meatloaf!

Beyond the food and new décor, Ignite’s rooftop patio is a lovely place to not have to deal with crazy crowds and noise, like some of the places nearby. Valet parking for $7 also means getting to that food, drink and nice atmosphere all the faster without the hassle of parking. It also means Man Candy all the sooner. Yes, we’re obsessed.

Ignite Kitchen + Cocktails is located at 2124 Larimer St. in Denver. 


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