Matt Beard / Costumes: Giovanna Buzzi / 2016 Cirque du Soleil
4th of July Cirque du Soleil/LUZIA Ticket Promotion:
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Cirque du Soleil has brought LUZIA to Denver! Experience water inside the big top, jaw dropping acts and larger than life props in this unique production unlike any show you have ever seen before.

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The creators of LUZIA, in our recent interview, describe the show as “a dream woven from memories, experiences and encounters, laden with inspirations deeply rooted in Mexican identity.” Opening night proved their efforts have been wildly successful!

Cirque du Soleil’s LUZIA,  running until July 9, has brought a magnificent fiesta to Denver under the delightful white and gold tents downtown. It’s a joyous escape to a world of beauty and mind-blowing imagery, where the atmosphere consistently evokes a Mexico’s vibrant color, humor, celebration of family, and passion for life. For us, it promoted acceptance, love and celebration of different cultures.

Photo courtesy LUZIA, Cirque du Soleil.

The show is full of surprises and part of the fun is the surprise factor so this review will not disclose too many details. But suffice it to say, this show brings spectacular theatrical sights this reviewer has never seen before in Denver, after decades of enjoying live Mile High theater.

The show is beautiful, moving and entertaining all on its own but reading Cirque’s guide, here, may augment and explain a few things (like what’s with the crocodile head on the guitarist)?

Cirque’s attention to details is phenomenal – pay close attention to what happens to the singer’s flowery white dress! And notice some of the props and background action. No detail goes unloved and details matter in a high risk/high reward show like LUZIA. Human beings are being flung to deadly heights and trust matters a lot when your life is in the hands of your fellow performers. A lasting memory of this show – how we humans can achieve so much wonderfulness when we work together and form trusting relationships. We can literally achieve the unimaginable.

Depending on your level of nervousness, sitting up close means you’re getting a few water droplets on you occasionally, performers come right up to the edge of the stage, just feet away and sometimes look like they are going to go careening into the crowd! And in one scene, with swings and people jumping between the rotating stage, those swings go out over the first few rows! So sitting up close gives you extra thrills. But sitting farther back gives you whole-stage perspective. It’s a relatively small space so there really isn’t a bad seat in the (tent) house.

Denver, do not miss this show. The memories are priceless and will thrill you long after you leave the pointy tents in the otherwise dreary Pepsi Center parking lots.

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