Maize in the City
The kids’ll have the kids eating right out of their hands at Maize in the City.

As soon as there’s a nip in the air, we’re so ready to shed the flip-flop-wearing days of summer and swap them for a cozy sweater that’s probably unbecoming. Along with that comes the hankering for unnaturally-pumpkin-spiced this and that and the urgent need to head straight into a maze of tall corn plants in order to get turned around, disoriented and lost. So. Much. Fun!

We sent one of our In Good Taste Denver team writers and her family to have just such fun and to check out Maize in the City at 10451 McKay Road, in  Thornton. They had the best time! She reported back that it was only about a 20 minute drive from Central Denver and that there was enough to do to keep the kids busy and happy for the whole afternoon, which is a Godsend. The entire Maize in the City experience includes:

The Crazed Corn Maze, a 20-acre maze that can be navigated using a one-of-a-kind smart phone trivia game. Choose a category
or enter unique questions; each correct answer provides directions to the next checkpoint.

The Mini Maze, a smaller maze perfect for young children. With paper checkpoints, children will collect hole punches as they navigate through the maze. Parents and grandparents are welcome to accompany kids through this maze for free. 

Maize in the City
It’s so much fun to get lost!

You can pick-your-own pumpkin from the pumpkin field. Choose from more than 20 locally-grown varieties of harvested pumpkins and gourds.

There are also pony rides, a petting zoo, jumping castle, air slide, obstacle course, train ride and other attractions, open on select weekend dates in October. Admission to the playground and corn kernel box are free. There are kid-friendly movies in the field after dark and then the really scary ones later on, on certain nights. 

Maize in the City is open through October 31, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6
p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Maize in the City is located 15 minutes north of I-70
and I-25 at its all-new location. There is free and close parking onsite.


Maize in the City
Just add opportunities to slide and bounce and you’ll have happy kids.

We’re big scaredy-cats but if haunted corn mazes are your thing, The Haunted Field of Screams is an interactive tour of terror.  Experience walking dead, murderous clowns – it gives us the heeby-jeebies just writing about it. You go! Enjoy.

The Zombie Paintball Massacre sounds kinda fun to us, actually. Survivors must journey through an abandoned farm where the undead await in the shadows. Nope, can’t do it.  Tell us what it was like. We’ll stick with bouncy castles, goats eating out of our hands and corn stalks that don’t look like something evil!


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