By Guest reviewer, Jodi McDonoughMiss Sloane

Miss Sloane, the title character of the movie is an unknown. As an audience member, you’ll hate her one moment. Despise her very corrupt soul, her unflinching radar beam focus on what she is trying to win. The next moment, you won’t understand her. What is she doing?  Why would she even think that was OK? And the next moment, you will love her. You will admire her for the chess game she is playing and commend her for this roller coaster ride you are sharing with her.

We see her at the beginning of the film full on laugh-out-loud in the face of the gun lobby. You know those guys. The guys who shoot down every proposed bill for gun control. The guys who spout the Second Amendment every chance they can, the guys who have more money than anyone else and the guys who use that money to railroad anyone who stands up to them.

She then chooses to join the fight against these guys and this film is about how she maneuvers towards this battle. It is a study of the lobbyists of D.C. which we haven’t seen before. It is a magnifying glass held over the inner workings of Capitol Hill. And sometimes it isn’t pretty. Sometimes it’s absolutely disgusting. There are victories along the way and setbacks all throughout but you find yourself wondering if this movie is just the tip of the iceberg of Washington D.C.’s functions.

The director crafts this story and leads the audience through this roller coaster with a singular focus. And that focus is trained on Miss Sloane. Jessica Chastain is spot on, through every intense close up of the camera and every single directive she barks to her assembled team. Her meticulous wardrobe acts as her armor that she wears into her daily, hourly and minute by minute battles.

Miss Sloane is a woman for all the #NastyWomen out there. She is a beacon of idealism through a fog of corruption and she is the constant. She is the one moving forward and stopping at no cost. She is the bulldozer ramming her way through Capitol Hill and the audience can definitely line up behind her during this journey and move forward…all together now.

Miss Sloane opens December 9.




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