National Parks Adventure
Robert Redford narrates “National Parks Adventure”

America’s National Parks are going to have to brace for a lot more visitors this year after people see National Parks Adventure, an IMAX documentary film that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the National Parks this August. The film is narrated by the soothing voice of Academy Award winner and conservationist, Robert Redford.

I haven’t yet seen the film myself but just watching the trailer and looking at the website is enough to remind me how majestic and amazing our National Parks are. We have these places, right here in the U.S., people, and they are natural! Nature can look like that! It’s truly amazing and very humbling.

National Parks Adventure 3D - blue

The film follows world-class mountaineer Conrad Anker and his team to Yellowstone, the Redwoods, Arches, the Everglades and more, some of which are a short drive away for Coloradans (another fantastic reason to live here). The film gives people an immersive experience (and sometimes dizzying by the looks of it), giving up close and also sweeping birds eye views of the amazing scenery.

National Parks Adventure in 3D opens at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Friday, May 27. Use it as your vacation inspiration!

National Parks Adventure



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