It’s a cocktail-lover’s dream come true! I was practically giddy when I received a box from Shaker & Spoon which provides subscriptions of monthly cocktail kits. You add the alcohol but they provide everything else to turn you into a master mixologist for your next party. Or for you and your sweetie. Or for yourself, all alone – we don’t judge. Every box is well-packed with the non-alcoholic mix-ins, enough for four glasses of three different cocktails for a total of 12. There are also five cards in each box – a Welcome Card that tells you what’s in the box, three recipe cards that guide you through mixing and garnishing each cocktail with step-by-step instructions and fourth, a glossary of unfamiliar bartending terms. Brilliant!

If you order month-to-month, the box of cocktail fun is $50. There are price breaks if you order in multiple-month chunks. It’s a helluva deal! Even with the cost of the bottle of alcohol, you’re probably still spending less than the average craft cocktail out at a bar or restaurant.

Here’s what we got in our Gincember (December’s Gin month) box:
Shaker and Spoon
Here’s everything we used to make the Above a Persimmon Cocktail, one of the options in the Gincember kit:
Shaker and SpoonThe finished product! Beautiful and delicious.

Spend some time on the clever Shaker & Spoon website to learn more about their kits and to see their spiffy, speedy little videos (they do a much better job than we do! See it on our Facebook page). What a fantastic gift Shaker & Spoon would make! Subscribe by January 2nd to get the “Brandy, She’s So Fine” box!



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