Ah, tacos – those sloppy, wonderful, hand-held joys. Whether the shell is hard or soft, corn or flour (or lettuce) and no matter what’s inside, you really can’t lose. Seeing as how October 4 is #NationalTacoDay, we got to remembering some of our favorite tacos. Let’s take a stroll down taco-memory lane, shall we?

  1. I don’t know what it is about Cochino Tacos‘ tacos. They are like crack! I swear they add a little somethin’-somethin’ to their food to make it so good. We love the  Steak-n-Eggs, Carnitas and Barby Ranchera tacos there, with a passion.
Cochino Taco
Tacos with potatoes, salsa and a side of candied bacon.

2. Taco Mex  is the next best thing to stopping at an authentic Mexican food truck. If you’re lucky, they’ll be cooking them up in the parking lot, not three feet away from all the grit and grime that is Colfax Avenue. Mmmmm. Or, go inside and have the kitchen whip you up a few. At $1.50 per taco, with all the fixins’ you could want, for free, it’s a helluva deal.

A taco variety plate from Taco Mex with its signature red and white building and shiny, painted, red rocks outside.

3. Dos Santos makes taco-eating feel sacred. There might not be a prettier taco in town. Says our writer, Mike: This is an awesome place. The menu is not extensive, but everything they serve is top quality. I also like the Station 26 beer brewed just for the restaurant. I think the best taco there is the O.M.F.G., which is a unique raw ahi tuna creation. You can get it “green” (on lettuce) or on your choice of tortilla.Dos Santos

4. Sol Mexican Cochina makes every visit feel like a fiesta. We’re partial to their Carnitas and Carne Asada street tacos. Plus, the guacamole is just unreal and the decor is so pretty.


5. Technically, it’s not a taco but North County’s Ceviche, which comes with thinly-sliced Jicama wrappers, becomes a very unique, very fresh taco.

North County
You can practically taste the ocean with North county’s ceviche, served with jicama wrappers.

 Here are more suggestions from the In Good Taste Denver team: 

Tacos Tequilla and Whiskey (better known as Pinche Tacos): My favorite! I love the entire menu, including the fried chicken skin app. The City Park and Highlands location have a cool vibe and awesome drink selections. Pinche is not cheap, but nothing seems overpriced. My favorite taco is the Taco de Lengua.
 Acapulco Tacos y Papusas: This tiny building on East Colfax at Yosemite primarily makes pupusas, which are great. But they also make outstanding tacos al pastor. The pork and pineapple make a delicious combination. The narrow interior is where you order, pay, wait and eat, elbow to elbow. The outside seating area along the side is larger than the place itself. 
Tacos Selene: This is off the beaten path in Aurora, but worth a trip (unless you plan on drinking, as there’s no alcohol). The tacos are delicious and very inexpensive, but the real highlight is the sopes, which they make in-house. I love the lengua, but they do everything well.
TAG: Specifically for the Taco Sushi with charred ahi, sushi rice, guacamole and li-hing mango salsa is  really inventive and unique. 
Pollo Picante Pretty much everything on the menu is chicken at this restaurant, not surprisingly, given the name. While they do serve a decent chicken taco, order a chicken platter and assemble your own by tearing off pieces of marinated chicken, add a spoonful of flavorful frijoles and a salty, grilled green onion. It’s do-it-yourself taco deliciousness.
Where are your favorite taco restaurants? And which tacos do you get there? Let us know in the Comment section below. We’d love to add to our repertoire and also spread the word! 

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