For the past few months, audiences had been plagued with clip after clip, trailer after trailer, sneak peek after sneak peek of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and the seemingly endless supply of spoilers had left us more dismayed than delighted. As of now, though, I can assure you the teasing was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Jon Watts and his crew of writers created a fantastic story that is true to the character’s original nature and fluidly incorporates Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Since the first “Iron Man”, the MCU has served as both a fan’s dream come true and a series of successful, individual, summer blockbusters. These movies have brought to fruition themes that influence audiences of all ages and “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is no different.

The movie picks up where MCU’s Spiderman’s journey began in “Captain America: Civil War”, recovering after having “screwed the pooch” with Team Cap. Unfortunately, for Peter, the smack down did not end with Captain America. Subsequently under neighborhood arrest with a spanking new suit and a hankering for the dangerous world out there, Peter bites off more than he can chew.

With fantastic but realistic fight scenes, token sidekicks, damsels in distress, amusing citizens, and no small amount of public destruction, Peter’s journey to prove he is worthy of the Spider Suit is exactly what audiences want from a Spider-Man movie. I do warn you, however, that the mother of all plot twists awaits you, but it is so flawless that it makes this Spider-Man story all the more epic. (Actually, there are two plot twists, but Peter isn’t to know that).

If the movie wasn’t phenomenal enough, it’s elevated to a whole other level by the tremendous acting of Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Jacob Batalon, Laura Harrier, Marisa Tomei, and of course, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. Even Chris Evans’ Captain America cameos were great, though maybe a bit too soon in the hearts of Team Iron Man fans. All of their characters form a web of convoluted agendas and awkward conversations with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker that invite us to stick with the story and Spiderman’s struggles right from the get-go.

Fundamentally, Peter Parker, as “a regular guy” is all of us. But with his complex personality and arachnid-situation, we can only dream of being anything like his alter-ego, Spider-Man. One minute, he is the obtuse, quirky nerd eager to talk to the cute senior girl just like every other guy in his school. Then, the next, he is jumping off a national monument to soar over a helicopter. Essentially, that is at the core of why audiences have seen themselves in Peter Parker since his creation. The fact that he is a master of parkour web slinging is merely a super badass benefit.

Another badass benefit? The two cut scenes in the credits, so make sure you stick around.

10/10 of the haters are now officially onboard the Holland hype train.

Spider-Man Homecoming is now playing.

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