Vesta’s Summertime Rosé Sangria Recipe

June 10 is National Rose Day but any day is a great day to discover a delicious drink.

SangriaVesta has graciously shared their recipe for a Rosé Sangria. Vesta’s talented bar team, headed by Kari Cummings, launched a trio of sangrias for the summer, including this one, with an easy-drinking wine-cocktail-hybrid featuring French rosé wine, bright and fruit-forward Lillet Rose liqueur, and Vesta’s own house-made grenadine. It’s finished with Croft Pink Port and brandy for an elegant layering of flavors, and finished with a squeeze of tart lemon for a burst of freshness at the end. Enjoy it at the restaurant, made by the experts, or give it a try at home:


Vesta’s summertime Rosé Sangria

2 oz Chateau Saint-Eugenie Rosé

.25oz grenadine

.25oz Lillet Rose

.25oz Croft Pink Port

.5 oz Applejack brandy

.25oz lemon juice

Garnish with lemon slice, orange slice, fresh berries and apple