No, we’re not saying you fill find staff running around without their pants on at Zengo, nor should you – get your minds out of the gutter! We’re talking about the Bottomless Brunch at the newly remodelled and revamped Zengo restaurant, part of the Chef Richard Sandoval group of restaurants.

Looking good! Zengo’s new, sleek interior.

The more colorful (but somewhat dated) interior has been switched out with cooler, slate, black and brown elements in an effort to look more elegant and timeless. The menu, which had been more international, with an Asian/Latin fusion with some Middle Eastern thrown in, became confusing to guests who went back and forth between Zengo and nextdoor to neighboring Sandoval restaurant, La Biblioteca, which also had a Bottomless Brunch. In response, and because we all need a makeover once in a while, Zengo went sleeker and focused on Asian cuisine while La Biblioteca got all casual and cantina-like,re-opening as La Guerra, selling street tacos and other clearly Latin things (we’ll be going there soon and will report back).

Since we’d always loved Zengo’s brunch, we wanted to check it out to see what had changed. We found different but delicious offerings and a great concept. The “Food Forever Brunch” for $25 is unlimited food only while the Bottomless Brunch for $39 includes unlimited food and brunch cocktails (Bloody Mary, Mimosas and Margarita). Kids 12 and under can eat for $10. Sorry, kids, no cocktails for you!

They call it the Angry Zengo Roll but it will make you happy with spicy tuna, avocado and cucumber. It’s one of the choices on the Chilled section of the menu.

The menu is divided up into Chilled Plates, Small Plates and Brunch Plates. Each is pretty small, thus allowing for ordering a wide variety of things, choosing to share or not (some of the dishes are just too hard to share because of egg yolks and general small size).

The Chilled Tomato salad sitting atop thinly sliced radishes sure was pretty.

We suggest ordering two or three at a time to pace yourself and not allow hot stuff to get cold and vice versa. This means you’re in for a relaxing brunch to linger over – go with it. Here are some more of the dishes we ordered.

Duck Confit steamed bun with pickled onion. The slightly doughy-chewy bun is an interesting foil to the shreds of duck.
The Smoked Pork Belly with eggs and avocado is one of those options that is hard to share because of the egg. Get one for your very own.
Chicken Karaage is just fun to say. It’s fun to eat too, all crispy with Korean chili sauce.
We’re not sure how this delicious Coconut Waffle with Mango fits into the Asian theme (except for the mango) but that’s okay. It’s yummy and the texture is great. It’s really the only “sweet” thing on the menu (unless you order desserts which are not included).

If you’re part of a large group, your server might recommend that they bring out a variety of dishes for everyone to sample before each person then decides which ones they want to focus on for themselves. That’s a smart way to go!

One of the highlights of an otherwise really great meal was the Short Rib Benedict. It’s another wonderfully sloppy dish you should hoard for yourself.
The last thing we ordered ended up being our favorite – Chicken Curry. Oh my, elegant, full of exotic flavors, plentiful with creamy chicken – it was wonderful. It’s served over rice in a bowl the perfect size to wrap one hand around and hunker down to enjoy. Another one to get just for yourself.

Some plates are heartier than others so just see how you’re feeling and what you are preferring. It’s okay to order more than one of something you really enjoyed. We, at least, aren’t going to judge. We kind of wish we’d done that, especially with the Chicken Curry. We did not want to have to share but since that was our last dish, we were just too full.

For those who don’t want to go Bottomless (tee hee), you can order off of their regular menu but it’s either everyone does the brunch or no one does the brunch. Do the brunch! It’s a hell of a deal, with or without booze. It’s so much more fun to try a bunch of different things and Zengo does it all very well.

Zengo’s Bottomless Brunch runs Saturday and Sunday, 10am-2:30. We went right at 10:30 and there was hardly anyone there but then it filled up fast. Making reservations would be wise.

Zengo is located at 1610 Little Raven Street in Denver. 


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