It’s beer day for In Good Taste Denver. Today, our 12 Cheers of Christmas takes us to Big Choice Brewing.  Get social with us and this series! Follow and share #12CheersIGTD.

Big Choice Brewing.Want a change of scenery? Head north – to the North Pole! Just kidding… Just to Brighton, where the city blends into farm land and a fun brewery in a former Buddhist temple. Big Choice Brewing relocated from Broomfield to this primo spot in 2017, and the local community has embraced this newcomer. With a spacious tasting room, full of sunshine and surrounded by outdoor patios with a pretty decent mountain view (over Hwy 85), this is a pleasant place to hang out. Now about the beers…

What great beers we found here! For a festive holiday brew, the Chill Out Peppermint Stout can’t be beat. They gild the lily on this special beer by rimming the glass with crushed candy canes! This beer sipper was skeptical – surely this would turn out to be sickly sweet?! Happily, the fun combo fun still had a great beer taste with a hint of minty sweetness. This beer is released in small amounts each Friday and quickly runs out. If you miss it, or just can’t stand the idea of candy cane and beer, order the ApreShred Winter Ale; this is one heckuva tasty beer for making it through winter’s long nights. Also noteworthy is their #42 Poblano Stout; a pepper beer that has no heat, but all the smoky lusciousness of roasted chili peppers. Food trucks and menus from local restaurants provide food options.

12 Cheers of Christmas
Chill out over a holiday brew at Big Choice Brewing.

While you’re in the neighborhood, stretch your legs after your beer and enjoy Brighton’s Small Town USA, Main Street appeal. You could even wander down a couple blocks to Something Brewery, Brighton’s original craft brewery and tap house. It is well worth the 30 minute drive north from Denver.

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