Himalayan Salt Glasses by Root 7, the perfect way to be tidy with your next tequila shot.

Sure, it’s tradition, but licking salt off your hand before tilting back a shot of tequila is awkward. We learned about a gorgeous, easier and classier alternative, Salt Shot Glasses from Root7. These pink shot glasses, crafted from 100% natural Himalayan salt shot work the same way, toning down the spirit but without all that mess.

All you need is a wedge of lime and you’re ready to go! The Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses are hand carved from natural pink rock salt, mined from the Himalayans to provide a shot glass of the highest quality. Because the salt is 100% natural, each and every glass is totally unique, with a pink appearance that is naturally occurring. 

The glasses are reusable as long as you take care of them.  Just rince them with water and patting dry after use, then store away for the next occasion. But makes sure you drink up fast, leaving the Tequila for too long starts to dissolve these must have shot glasses! 

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses are $25 for a set of 2 and $35 for a set of 4. Available to purchase online at Amazon. For those of you, like us, who collect shot glasses, these may be the best in your collection!


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