Circus 1903
A mama and baby elephant are puppets by the creators of War Horse. Photo by Mark Turner.

Are you in need of sheer joyous fun, the kind that reaches deep down past the jaded layers of adulthood to your inner child? If 2017 has beaten you down, then Circus 1903 the Golden Age of Circus is what you need. Grab the kids, friends, neighbors and anyone else who also needs a lift and take them to this show – it is the perfect antidote for our troubled times.

Sparse but imaginative sets transform the Buell Theatre into a believable Big Tent, filled with fantastic circus acts of all sorts that combine passion, artistry,  and incredible strength. The circus performers are a global collection of talented, charming and darn good-looking athletes. Many are 5th and 6th generation circus performers! They work the audience into a frenzy, and the audience eats it up like caramel popcorn (the favorite snack of the night)!

Circus 1903 offers so much more to the audience. It is full of comedy, dance, music, clever period costumes, creative puppetry and moments of elegant drama. Children from the audience become stage players, to the delight of the crowd. Masterfully choreographed by the circus master, they don’t truly steal the show – but they sure boost the joy factor!

Adults held their breath, cheered and regressed into childhood wonder with each act. Along with the numerous children in attendance, by the final curtain, the entire audience was a mass of jubilant, cheering kids!

Circus 1903 runs only through February 26. Hurry!

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Circus 1903
Don’t try this at home, kids! Photo by Mark Turner.




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