Please note, this post is from 2014 and while it contains some great ideas, we’re in the midst of updating this blog for 2015 with new and exciting (and in-business) Colorado gift ideas. Stay tuned! 


‘Tis the season for giving – and for asking for what you want to be given. Because we’re all about supporting some of the cool businesses and their cool products that are homegrown in Colorado, we wanted to share our Gift Guide suggestions with you.

  1. Colorado Joe’s Wall hangings, corn-hole and other outdoor games. Each item is handmade and custom-designed. Their work is beautiful
    Colorado Gifts
    Be Colorado-proud with a wall-hanging from Colorado Joe’s. It’s just one of their fine indoor/outdoor products.

    and high-quality. We’re proud that they are an advertiser on the In Good Taste Denver blog.

  2. Park Hill Design Every snippet of fabric is hand-selected and sewn to create one-of-a-kind adorable clothing for babies and children. Let your child’s sense of fun and individuality show through.
  3. “New Latin Flavors” Cookbook The new (and first) cookbook by Chef Richard Sandoval, who owns several restaurants in Colorado includingTamayo, La Biblioteca and Zengo makes preparing Latin food and drink totally doable in your own kitchen.
  4. “5280 – The Cookbook”  Edited by 5280 magazine’s food editor, Amanda M. Faison, the cookbook is a collection of 118 recipes from top Denver and Boulder chefs and bartenders. All recipes have been tested and tweaked for the home cook.
  5. Ritual Chocolate Real, full-bodied, deeply chocolaty chocolate. Watch the video on their homepage (it’s a beautiful thing) and then go buy some for yourself and for others.
  6. The Real Dill The folks at The Real Dill are The Real Deal, and seem to really enjoy their work and the products they put out. Fine and craft-made, they create everyday food items that should be in any well-stocked pantry.
  7. Soulcrafting Make something wonderful with your own, two hands, to keep or giveaway, working directly with master craftspeople. Give one of their experiences or arrange to do a group project as your gift. You’ll all come away with the gifts of the item made and the experience had. Read our article about  what’s behind Soulcrafting.
  8. Tickets to “Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century” at the Denver Art Museum The next best thing to buying jewels is going to see this
    Colorado Gifts
    Chef Richard Sandoval’s cookbook features “Hot Dishes, Cool Drinks.”

    exhibit of room after room of glamorous items meticulously crafted by the master jewelry house. If you can’t own the stuff, at least go see it in all its sparkling glory and learn a lot about history, culture and gussying up a bit in the process.

  9. Tickets to “Travelling the Silk Road” at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Step into an exotic history of shimmering silk, smell heady fragrances, marvel at beautiful artifacts. It’s a very sensory experience. Afterword, you may be inspired to dine out somewhere exotic. The “Eat” tab on our In Good Taste Denver website will give you ideas for where to go.
  10. Puzzah!  The holidays are a good time to sit around with family and friends and put together a puzzle or play board games. But it would be oh so much better to get up and be part of a really big puzzle! In teams of 2-4 plays, go on a 60 minute interactive adventure, where players use their wits and creativity to beat the game. In the first room, a mad composer has taken over the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and planted a bomb. Players are detectives, and must work together to solve a variety of themed puzzles and disarm the bomb. Gift certificates are available.

    Colorado Gifts
    Learn how to make pie from Shauna Lott of The Long I Pie, through Soulcrafting. Photo by Caitlin Fairy courtesy of Soulcrafting.

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