I’d been hankering fried chicken. For months. I didn’t let myself indulge because, well, fried chicken is generally not so good for you. Skin-on, dredged in white flour and deep-fried, it isn’t exactly health food. Instead, at home, I’ve been just sauteeing skinless, boneless chicken thighs and have been content with that (seasoned well, they are great). But then I had the opportunity to visit Yellowbelly Chicken through a Denver Bloggers Club meeting I was attending. There I was, satiating that months-long desire for everything fried chicken is supposed to be – but a little healthier.

Yellowbelly Chicken
Just look at that texture!  And my favorite pieces too, thighs. Note, this is not their usual presentation.

 We met with Michael Friedberg, one of the founders of Yellowbelly and a big-time ski dude! He was charming, energized by the business and is a great testimant, in his fit self, to the fact that one can eat regularly at Yellowbelly Chicken and not have it all go to their belly! He explained that their chicken is breaded in rice flour which absorbs less oil. Let me note here, that when done right, frying chicken doesn’t actually absorb very much oil at all so the fact that they take it a step further with rice flour, means probably even less is absorbed. The texture of the chicken thighs I tried was perfect. They were juicy, hot and spiced just right – hankerings, consider yourself indulged!

Yellowbelly Chicken sandwich
It’s all chicken all the time but Yellowbelly makes a variety of sandwiches.
Red slaw at Yellowbelly Chicken
We loved the Yellowbelly Chicken salads because they weren’t drowning in either mayo or vinegar. They tasted bright and healthy and were a nice, cool counter to the hot chicken.
Brussels sprouts slaw from Yellowbelly Chicken.
Slivered, raw Brussels sprouts go perfectly in this slaw from Yellowbelly Chicken.

 We also tried the chicken tender sandwiches, kale salad, organic citrus quinoa, smashed potato fries, red cabbage slaw and Brussel slaw.  Everything tasted and looked like it could be homemade – in other words, wholesome, approachable, yummy, and real food. We didn’t sample it on this visit, but we hear their Macaroni Pie is to-die-for.

Yellowbelly Chicken has four locations including the one we were at, inside the Whole Foods at Belmar, plus a spacious spot in the Stanley Marketplace.


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