New in town? Let your Airbnb app and Resy help you find a place to eat.

Here’s some news for Airbnb dwellers who want to eat out but don’t know where, when they are in a new city: The online lodging service has partnered with Resy to allow Airbnb guests to discover and book top restaurants directly through Airbnb’s app and website. Airbnb restaurant reservations powered by Resy are available in top dining cities across America, including Denver, Washington, D.C., New York, and Los Angeles.

For Denver, this can mean an economic perk. A new Airbnb report found that over the last year, Airbnb guests spent $67 million at local Denver restaurants — an increase of 68% from 2016. Across 44 markets around the world, Airbnb guests spent over $6.5 billion at restaurants during their trips.

A recent Harris Poll consumer survey for Airbnb also learned the following about how travelers make their dining choices:

  • Close to half of American travelers (46%) look for restaurants recommended by locals when traveling.
  • More than half of American travelers (52%) would like to have the option of dining out and cooking in when they travel.
  • Two-thirds of Americans travelers (66%) make restaurant reservations when traveling; among them, the top way they typically make restaurant reservations when traveling is by phone call (62%), however, the top way they would prefer to make restaurant reservations while traveling is online (39%).


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