Guacamole is one of those things I feel you cannot have too much of. Not only is it delicious but avocados are incredibly healthy for you. Add in the usual suspects such as tomatoes, chiles, onions, garlic and cilantro and it’s a power-house of good fats/anti-inflamatory yumminess! So you see, it’s simply good for you and the right thing to dou to head to La Sandia this month for Guacfest 2017!

The Guacamole Sampler lets you have some of all offerings off the Guacfest 2017 menu.

La Sandia has developed four different guacamole recipes, each one providing a totally different flavor profile. We couldn’t decide which to choose so we got the Guacamole Sampler ($16) to try them all:

Chunky Guacamole ($13) – Heirloom cherry tomatoes, pickled pearl onion, radish, roasted serrano pepper, fresh lime, micro cilantro, cotija cheese and tlayuda  – This one was probably the most traditional, typical of what you’re likely used to but in big chunks.

Guacamole Huarache ($14) – Crispy chorizo, queso panela, roasted corn, radish salad and pickled jalapeno – This was the spiciest, due to the smoky, spicy chorizo. If you like chorizo, you’ll love this one.

Sweet & Sour Guacamole ($14) – Tamarind and piloncillo, fresh mango, caramelized pineapple, dried apricots and blood orange segments served with banana plantain chips for dipping. – My husband loved this one the most. Don’t think “sweet and sour” like in Asian food. This is just a nicely balanced guacamole with ingredients that augment the avocado.

Guacamole Verde ($16) – Aguachile sauce, shrimp, fresh jalapeno, baby cucumber, pumpkin seeds, green garlic oil, pickled onion and cilantro tortilla chips. – This was my favorite, hands down because it was like combining ceviche, a shrimp cocktail and guacamole all in one. I could have just dug into a big bowl of this with a spoon, like a wonderful stew.

The guacamole also comes with a variety of sauces to dip or drizzle with.

The Happy Hour Sampler gets you some of just about everything from the Happy Hour menu.

Guacfest is available whenever La Sandia is open, through the month of September, but we combined the guac-lover’s experience with Happy Hour, which happens daily from 2-6pm. Take advantage of the generously long happy hour at the Tequila Bar, Lounge and on their spacious patio.

We enjoyed a Mojito Tradicional ($5) with Bacardi’s Castillo rum, sugar, fresh mint and fresh lime and a glass of Red Sangria ($5) with red wine, brandy and fresh fruit. Again, because we just couldn’t decide which food items to choose from, we got the Happy Hour Sampler ($14.50) for a little bit of everything. The tray had guacamole (the traditional, creamy kind, so not redundant of our Guacfest Sampler), a 3-cheese quesadilla, awesome achiote wings, chicken tinga taquitos and Mexican corn. Next time, I’d make a b-line for the quesadilla because as soon as it started to cool and congele, it wasn’t so appealing. Everything else on the tray did just fine as it cooled off including the corn on the cob covered in habanero aioli and cotija cheese. Plan your week around Taco Tuesdays when Tacoes, Torta Sliders and Tecate beer are each $2! 

Grab a few friends and head over to either La Sandia location (sit on the patio while you still can!) and get a couple of Sampler platters. It would make a varied and tasty meal for two to four people.

La Sandia has two locations: In the Shops at Northfield Stapleton, 8340 Northfield Boulevard and at Park Meadows Mall, 8419 Park Meadows Center Dr. 

P.S. We highly recommend owner Chef Richard Sandoval’s cookbook, Latin Flavors: Hot Dishes, Cool Drinks. It’s one of our favorite cookbooks. 




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