When I was a teenager, a boy gave me a box of the prettiest, most delicate chocolates I had ever seen. I savored each of those chocolates, literally cutting them into little slices to make them last longer. A little weird, I know, but they were just so special, I wanted to make them last. I never forgot that feeling of receiving a sweet treat that was not only delicious but also so lovely and so well-crafted that the prettiness of it was a gift in itself. Now, as an adult, I get that feeling again when I have Robin Chocolates, made in Longmont, Colorado by award-winning chocolatier, Robin Autorino.

I got a taste of the holidays a little early when I received a sampler from Robin Chocolates. Just look at them, below! Treats available include Candy Cane Cake, Peppermint Macarons, Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies, Peppermint Bark, an assorted 8-piece box of chocolates and Salt Caramel Squares for the holiday season.

Robin Chocolates
Ooo, pretty. Mmm, delicious.

They say we eat with the eyes as much as the stomach and that certainly applies here. Everything was a little bit of edible artwork, made with care and precision. I was envious. You should see the cakes I try to decorate. No, actually you shouldn’t because they are just pitiful! So I really appreciate craftsmanship in things like this. And, you get to eat them and not just look at them! Now that’s a real treat.

Visit the website to see what’s available now. Holiday cakes and cookies will be available beginning in mid-November. Robin sells her chocolates in her Longmont store and online, as well as in a few retail spots. Buy some pretty delicacies for yourself, for others and as host/hostess gifts this season. You’ll be their favorite guest.