Packing something for lunch can be a real pain, whether you’re doing it for yourself or for your kids. One of our writers, Sarah, gave a solution a try, LunchLady. In full disclosure, Sarah was provided with a code to try the lunches to help facilitate her review. As is our practice at, all opinions are honest and her own. Be sure to check out the discount code the company has provided to our readers, at the end of this review.
LunchLadyLike many of you, I am a wife and mother and I also have a full-time job.  DH (Dear Husband) and DD (Dear Daughter) are the loves of my life so I do everything I can to make them happy and keep our home peaceful and well-run.  I aspire to be a combination of Martha Stewart, Sheryl Sandberg and Kelly Ripa…do you see my vision?

I must admit, I’m often over-scheduled, over-committed and sometimes running ragged.  True, I’m proud of myself for “doing it all”…but every once in a while the wheels come off and it feels like I’m doing it all badly.

One chore that breaks the camel’s back at my house is packing lunch.  We do school lunch most days, but on those mornings when it’s a field trip or some occasion where we are meant to pack a lunch, chaos ensues.  I’ve found myself grabbing a Luncheable and a Gatorade from 7-11 on the way to morning dropoff.  I’m not proud of these mornings, but I’m willing to admit that they do happen.  Scratch that.  That was OLD me.  Now there is LunchLady!
LunchLady is a kid’s school lunch delivery service in the Denver area.  I used the LunchLady for 3 days the week before Thanksgiving (when Lord knows I needed a little help!).   It MORE than helped me beat the morning rush; DD had healthy, tasty lunches with a personal note from me that gave me a “good mom” win.  Thank you, LunchLady.  I needed that.
Here’s the scoop on how it works.  LunchLady has 5 lunch options each week.  You place your order for the following week by midnight on Saturday.  The LunchLady drops off your freshly prepared lunch by 5am on your porch.  It’s in an insulated bag, with attractive, recyclable bento-box packaging, and a sweet little notecard you can fill out with a personal message to your kiddo.  Every lunch has everything you need including utensils and a drink.

DD was excited about LunchLady when I told her about it.  She got in on the action by going thru the website and deciding what to order on each day.  The menus are quite varied and pleased DD and I.  She was intrigued by the Pizza Rolls and Taco Poptart and I was happy to see healthy protein, sliced cherry tomatoes and kiwi fruit. (We have different priorities!).  Running out to get the insulated bag in the morning was pretty exciting, and DD loved to see what I put on her daily note.  If you forget to put your insulated bag out the night before your lunch delivery, don’t worry.  LunchLady has your back.  She will deliver your lunch in a new bag and you can put your extra one out on your next delivery day.  Perfect.

 Our week went down like this:  Monday – Taco Poptart, Tuesday – Turkey Sliders, and Wednesday – Pizza Rolls.  DD loved the food and reported that her favorite entree was the pizza rolls, but her favorite day was the turkey sliders because it turns out she really liked the cranberry sauce on her sandwiches!  She liked the sides and appreciated that there is a little sweet treat in every lunch.  Trying and liking new things, eating a right-sized and nutritionally balanced lunch every day?  Total win.

Pricing for LunchLady varies by how many lunches you want in a week.  If you only need her to bail you out 1 day, it’ll cost you $10.99.  If you add more lunches, they can get down to as low as $8.25 per lunch.  For my family, LunchLady won’t be an everyday solution.  That said, it’s one of those resources that I put in the category of “totally worth every penny” if I’m in a CAT5 lifestorm.

Two thumbs up, LunchLady!

(By the way, if you hop on it, LunchLady is offering 50% off your first order.  The coupon code is HALF OFF.  Be sure to use all caps on that offer code.  Enjoy!)

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