Car sharing is not only trendy, it’s just smart! Doing a car share means you can sit in the back seat and feel really important; you can get to know your driver who will likely have inside scoop if you’re new to the area; you don’t halyft-graphicve to worry about parking or paying for parking; and, yes, when you’ve had too much to drink, getting a ride is a MUST! So here’s our deal: 

The In Good Taste Denver team is proud to partner with Lyft to bring NEW USERS $5 off their first 10 rides. If the ride costs more than $5, you pay the difference plus tip.

To take advantage of this opportunity, first, get the Lyft App and create your account. New users need to put the code in before requesting your first ride. To do this, go to your profile, click on the “payment” section and then enter the code under the “Add payment method” bar into the section that says “Add Credit/Gift Code”. The code is IGTD2016 (you know, for it being In Good Taste Denver and 2016). Easy Peasy. Doing that BEFORE your first ride will make it so the discount is applied on your first through fifth rides, automatically. If you don’t put in the code BEFORE your first ride with Lyft, the discount won’t work at all. Ever. Bummer.

As a bonus, you can use the code in ANY city in which Lyft operates. See that list here.

Now, go on, get a Lyft! 






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