Moxy's check in desk.
Checking in? This is what you’ll see. Don’t expect a formal check-in desk. Moxy’s is at the end of the bar.

We’re all for taking a little vacation close to home. Staycationing can be cheaper (no airfare and no TSA!) and with minimal travel time, that means maximum fun time! Recently, we attended an event at a new hotel in Cherry Creek North and were so impressed, we just have to tell you about it! Moxy Denver Cherry Creek is a Marriott hotel. You wouldn’t know that, really, except that things are done well and professionally, as a Marriott hotel would. But this place has “boutique hotel” written all over it, from the check-in desk that’s really just the end of the bar (you’re greeted with a special welcome cocktail) to the original artwork on every floor to the messages written for you, in pink lipstick, on your bathroom mirror!

Moxy’s lobby area is huge with plenty of quirky, retro seating, a big community table loaded up with board games and a sexy bar in the middle. Guest rooms are small and, they figure, are just your place to land. The real fun is to be had in the lobby and bar, out on the patio with plenty of seating and big fire pit and, of course, all around Cherry Creek and surrounding areas. The big livingroom-like lobby is inviting, encouraging you to come, be social.

Moxy's lobby
Hotel lobby? Or somebody’s really cool rec room? It’s the lobby area of Moxy in Cherry Creek. Come, hang out.

Rooms are adequately sized but they don’t take up space with a desk, table or chairs. Instead, each room has a folding camp table and cloth stools hanging on the wall! You want something to sit on and at? Take them from the wall, then put them back again! A crisp, white canvas tote bag is hanging there too, for your, well, toting needs. You can’t live without it? Buy it for $50. Speaking of hanging around and lipstick, take a gander at the Do Not Disturb sign! You aren’t going to see that in your typical hotel.

Moxy's sexy do not disturb sign
Oh my! What happened here? Just put this hunk on your door knob for some extra R&R while staying at Moxy. #NotYourUsualHotel
Moxy Cherry Creek has a table and stools hanging on the wall.
It’s pretty brilliant, actually – why take up space in the room with a table and chairs you aren’t likely to use? Just have fold-up furniture available for when you need it.
Moxy provides a canvas tote bag to use during your visit.
There’s a lot of great shopping to be done in Cherry Creek North at one of the many independently-owned shops. Borrow the hotel room tote bag, or snatch it up to take home for $50.
Moxy's rooms are cozy
Cozy rooms at Moxy have a fun style – and a fun, retro phone!

There isn’t a full-fledged restaurant in Moxy. Who needs one when you’re in Cherry Creek North?! But there is a grab and go menu for when you need a little something.


Moxy's menu
Grab something yummy at Moxy to go or to take up to your room.
Play games at Moxy.
Moxy encourages you to be a player – a game-player, that is. We want that retro game of “Operation” so bad!

There are games placed all over the place at Moxy. Have some fun! We got a kick out of this game of Operation. You can get your own using this handy Amazon affiliate link: Rustic Operation

Moxy Denver Cherry Creek is fun, saucy, hip, fun, casual and really different. That makes it an even better place to staycation because you really feel you experienced something out of the ordinary.

Moxy's art wall
Moxy partnered with NINE dot ARTs for a unique set of art, with a different them on each floor. 
Moxy's dog floor
Ooo, ooo, make me a doggie balloon animal! One floor’s art display is all balloon hounds!

I was able to get this sneak peek at Moxy Denver Cherry Creek when I attended an event for the Denver Bloggers Club. It struck me as the perfect place for a quick staycation getaway. I couldn’t stop taking pictures, obviously, and wanted to let our readers know this fun place exists. Go check it out! Moxy Denver Cherry Creek is located at 240 Josephine Street Denver, Colorado 80206. The phone number is 303-463-6699. The website is


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