If you’ve ever attended an improvisational theater show, you know how it usually goes. Except for those who tossed away their inhibitions after tossing back a few drinks, the group is collectively pent-up! They play along timidly, leaving the actors to wonder if this is going to be the dreaded crowd they heard about in improv school that never loosens up and makes it torture for everyone. Thankfully, soon enough, a few laughs in, the audience gets it. They are going to be singled out, engaged with and cajoled into playing along and then, ta-da, you have a show with give and take, with actors playing off of the audience and vice versa. Now, imaging all of that ON THE MOVE, through hallways, upstairs and into nooks and crannies at the Stanley Marketplace with Travelers of the Lost Dimension.

Checking for supplies for getting through the journey. Photo by AdamsVisCom.

Denver Center’s Off-Center has always thought outside the box but now they are thinking outside the building, taking a show on the road to Aurora’s new, hip and happening marketplace of restaurants and shops. When you first arrive to start your mission deep into the Lost Dimension, you scan your eye for retina recognition – or so you think. Then everyone is given their satchel of emergency devices they’ll need on the journey, some vague instructions and you’re off.

So tense after a nasty incident with a space worm, the group must give each other shoulder massages, while heading upstairs to the next stop. Photo by AdamsVisCom.

Serving, not-so-incidentally, as a fine tour of the Stanley, the group, looking silly as all get-out, is maneuvered all over the building, stopping for skits, er, stops on the journey. There’s a chance to question the oracle, a chance to tip-toe past the space worms to avoid being eaten, a moment for some group art-therapy and much more.

Playing reindeer games in space. What must the innocent shoppers think is going on here?! Photo by AdamVisCom.

The night we went, with balloons (oxygen tanks) strapped to our backs, we were a goofy-looking bunch, shuffling along from stop to stop. Most people looked slightly embarrassed for us. One family, without wondering once why they were the only ones without balloons, satchels and other props, just joined in for a while. No, no! You cannot just jump into another dimension without being prepared (or buying a ticket)!

My, what fetching space helmets! Photo by AdamVisCom.

It took a few stops on our journey before the group, as a collective, relaxed, let down their guard and started having fun. And that’s the key to the experience. It’s silly. It’s goofy. It’s so clever and it’s funny. So the sooner you let down your inhibitions, and just go with it, the more fun you will have! At just over an hour, the fun is over quickly so play along, don’t care what anyone else thinks, use your imagination and go with the intergalactic flow! 

Travelers of the Lost Dimension plays through May 21. 

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