We are mildly freaky about Pizzeria Locale’s pizzas. That perfect level of acidity in the tomato sauce just does it for us every time! Seeing as how February 9 is National Pizza Day, we wanted to call your attention to the fact that Pizzeria Locale is hosting  Dough From Scratch classes at its Highlands restaurant 3484 W. 32nd Avenue about once a month. These pizza making classes feature an intimate hands-on dough-making lesson. Guests learn to toss dough like the pros. Tickets are $25 per person and include pizza and budino (a delicious little pudding), with a choice of beer,  wine or soda, and a recipe card so guests can recreate the pizzas at home. Tickets are $25 and guests can reserve a seat by e-mailing chris@pizzerialocale.com.

To enable us to tell you about the joys of making one’s own pizza, the nice folks at Pizzeria Locale fixed us up with a dough ball and all the ingredients we’d need to make a Margherita Pizza. Before you even look at these pictures, let me just say it didn’t go well. But it was delicious. Suffice it to say, we’re going to leave the pizza making to the pros at Pizzeria Locale. But we still had a blast trying. 

Pizza making classes at Pizzeria Locale
A Margherita Pizza is very basic with the most essential ingredients, cheese, sauce and basil. The three colors represent the colors of the Italian flag.

Pizza making classes at Pizzeria Locale

Okay, now don’t judge! Pizzeria Locale’s dough is so wonderfully elastic, we didn’t realize we needed to really, really stretch it out to avoid getting this wonderful puff pizza. And we probably should have added the basil leaves after baking. But you know what? It tasted great! Pretty doesn’t matter when you have really high-quality ingredients.

Learning how to stretch pizza dough in a Pizzeria Locale pizza making class
When you attend a pizza making class at Pizzeria Locale, you get to learn from the experts how to do everything from stretching out your dough properly, to how to best-apply their authentic tomato sauce. Photo courtesy Pizzeria Locale.

Clearly, we would benefit from being on-site, in a class, learning from the pros. So you should do that! Sign up quickly to take one of Pizzeria Locale’s classes so you can learn how to do it right. And then, still go back to going to Pizzeria Locale all the time for their wide variety of toppings, authentic pizza oven, butter-like prosciutto and good wine. It’s just better that way.
Pizza Making Classes at Pizzeria Locale

To Pizzeria Locale, I say “Grazie Mille” (many thanks) for the pizza making kit.  And to all of you, I say “Andiamo!” (let’s go!) and sign up for a class to learn how to do it right. 

Classes are held at the Highlands restaurant, at 3484 W 32nd Avenue, in Denver. 

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