Have a seat and enjoy some steampunk fun before you head into your Escapology room. Photo by Cori Anderson.

While for some, being stuck in a room, trying to escape, with the clock ticking sounds like a nightmare, for many others, it’s a night of big time fun. Add some delicious food and drink to the mix and it was one of our writer’s most fun nights out ever. We sent our gal who’s always up for a challenge, Jodi M., to Solutions Lounge & Restaurant featuring Escapology to check out the new place and their even newer escape room, the Budapest Express

Located in the heart of Denver, at 22nd and California, Solutions is Denver’s first and only escape room venue that also serves a full food and beverage menu. When it opened on October 6, there were five rooms available to escape: Th3 Cod3, Cuban Crisis, Antidote, Arizona Shootout, and Shanghaied. On November 17, the newest room Budapest Express joined the rest of the adventures.  The new room transports live-escapers to a train traveling through Europe at night in a snowstorm, where someone has been murdered and the task is to solve the case before the train reaches the next stop, an hour away.

By George, you can get fortified for your escape room adventures with food and drink from Solutions Lounge. Photo by Jodi M.

Jodi told us the bar and restaurant are at the front of the building and it is a shared space. You can go and drink or eat there even if you don’t play the games. Special cocktails and mocktails that compliment each escape room theme are available in the bar.  With the launch of Budapest Express, another cocktail  is added to the menu, the “Luxury Locomotive” featuring Woody Creek vodka. Gamers can prepare for their room, celebrate their success, or plot their next attempt while imbibing. 

Participating in an escape room improves teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills, making it a good choice for date night, family outings, business parties, corporate functions, meeting new people, holiday events and more. Guests can adventure in one of the six themed escape rooms, dine and drink in the steampunk-inspired restaurant and bar, or enjoy any combination of activities back-to-back. 

Here’s our writer’s account: “The main difference with this new spot is that they added a luxe bar and restaurant to gather in before the escape room challenge and after you have completed it. Every other escape room in town is in a weird location and challenging to find and when you do arrive, you stand awkwardly in a random room with other strangers waiting to begin the challenge. At Escapology, you can settle in and have a gourmet snack or lovely meal. They offer themed cocktails that correspond to the room that you have chosen and it really helps you to get into the mood and feel a bit more inspired.

The room’s decor and appearance are really well done, with hand-crafted items and era-specific props that don’t appear to be cheap and tacky. We enjoyed our hour spent in Budapest and although it was one of their more challenging rooms, we did find it easy enough to navigate and move towards the finish. We had a wonderful night. Visitors are literally locked in a room for one hour solving clues and trying to get out of the room before time runs out. A clock is winding down on a screen the entire time, lending a huge sense of urgency. If you have a large group, you will be in the room with them. If not, you’ll be solving these puzzles with strangers like we did. 

A visit to Solutions  Lounge & Restaurant featuring Escapology would be perfect for large groups and even better with a group of people you know. “Working with strangers can be a bit weird as you don’t know people’s strengths, weaknesses and communication levels prior to the event,” says Jodi. “The drinks and food prior to the room help with that problem!”


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