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The much-awaited finale to Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine is finally here, only there isn’t much to say about Logan except: for the love of all things good and innocent, DO NOT let your children see this movie. Yes, there is an adorable girl (played by Daphne Keen) as one of the main characters and there are a few other surprisingly mature children in the film, but this is in no way your every-day super hero movie.

No, there are no sex scenes like there were in Deadpool, but the violence involved had me and everyone else in the theater cringing. Granted, everyone else in the theater were adults, not younglings exposed on a regular basis to war-based video games, but perhaps that was for the best. After all, this story takes a turn away from the “saving the world” and “mutants vs human” motifs that we have come associate with X-Men movies. Instead, Logan focused on father and son, father and daughter, friend and ally relationships that will hit a little too close to home for most viewers. With, you know, heads and blood flying everywhere most of the time just to keep things interesting.

Although, while the action and violence stayed true to Wolverine’s character, it was somewhat unnecessary. The real heart-wrenching moments took place in times of quiet and was emphasized ten-fold by the phenomenal acting of Hugh Jackman, Sir Patrick Stewart, Daphne Keen, and Stephen Merchant. If you do not sniffle even a little bit, I applaud you for having that much control over your emotions – and for being as much of a cold-hearted bastard as Pierce (Boyd Holbrook), the man creating his own, personal hell for a weary Logan.

Emotions aside, this movie is quite possibly the perfect superhero movie. Combining X-Men storyline, our favorite characters, Deadpool-like violence and humor, heart-breaking moments parallel with The Judge, as well as vehicle action that is as intense as Mad Max: Fury Road, this movie is perpetually perfect for everyone. Except people under 16. And, quite possible, people over 65. Seriously, it’s brutal.

Hugh Jackman has devoted 17 years to playing Logan and his love for the character seeps in to every scene. Well done, James Mangold.  Logan opens March 3.


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  1. Sabretooth

    The graphic violence was the whole reason I skipped this film. I and a few others feel like the amount of violence pretty much destroyed the past Logan to make a glorified gorefest to end the xmen franchise. In the past films-Logan showed a hatred of killing-it also hurt the story. Logan was supposedly remorseful for the lives he’s taken and wants better for Laura….yet, he’s more violent than ever before .