Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a guest blog on the 5 Unexpectedly Family-Friendly Things to Do This Summer in Denver for a website I thoroughly enjoy, The Denver Ear. Now it’s time to swap. I’m honored to present this blog about the most anticipated restaurants right now! Thank you, Denver Ear!


Denver’s food scene is young, innovative and is fast-growing.

Denver locals like eating out and they are impartial to fresh and locally made food served at restaurants that also put an emphasis on modern or unique interior design.

If you are a “foodie” like I am, then having insight into newly opened and upcoming restaurants, will allow you the opportunity to be one of the first ones to try them out.

Listed are 10 new and most anticipated restaurants in Denver for the year 2016.


Where: Stanley Marketplace

When: Late Summer–Fall 2016

Cuisine: New American

Annette, by former Acorn Sous Chef, Caroline Glover, is a brand new concept restaurant focusing on “scratch-to-table”, wood-fired dishes with a seasonal menu and locally sourced ingredients. Menu will include items such as wood grilled ribeye, rosemary flatbread, spiced lentils and burrata with a recommendation by Glover to not overlook the pecan pie for dessert.



Denver Ear
Photo courtesy Avelina.

Where: Corner of 17th & Wazee Streets in the LoDo Neighborhood

When: Summer 2016

Cuisine: New American

Avelina, by Executive Chef John Broening and Pastry Chef Yasmin Lozada-Hissom, will serve rustic wood-fired New American dishes with ingredients by local farms and providers.

Menu items will include the wood-fired brick chicken, squash blossoms with ricotta cheese and charred corn and tomato essence. Desserts are equally as anticipated as the main course with items such as the Gianduja ice cream seven-layer bar.



Denver Ear
Photo courtesy Dio Mio.

Where: Corner of 33rd & Larimer Streets in the RiNo Neighborhood.

When: Fall 2016

Cuisine: Italian

DIO MIO, by Chefs Alex Figura and Spencer White, is a pasta-focused restaurant that will feature an open kitchen and pasta production area. Patrons will be able to watch their pasta handmade from start to finish. Other menu items will include a handful of small plates and salads, pizza and sandwiches.



Where: 17th & Stout Streets in the Central Business District Neighborhood

When: Winter 2016

Cuisine: French

French 75, by acclaimed Chef Frank Bonanno, is a classical French cuisine restaurant that will compliment Bonanno’s flagship restaurant – Mizuna. This Parisian-inspired Bistro will feature a rectangular-shaped open kitchen that spans three quarters the length of the restaurant and will also be the bar. The bartenders and cooks working side-by-side idea envisioned by Bonanno’s business partner and wife, Jacqueline Bonanno, is one of the most talked-about restaurant design subjects amongst local food enthusiasts.



Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat photo courtesy

Where: Hangar 2 Development in the Lowry Neighborhood

When: Open since late June 2016

Cuisine: Asian

Lucky Cat, by acclaimed Chef Troy Guard, is an Asian-inspired restaurant that features unconventional takes on traditional Chinese cuisine. Menu items include beef & broccoli, Cantonese-style steamed fish, lo-mein noodles, sushi and sashimi. The menu is inspired by Guard’s time living in Asia.

Read what Denver Ear had to say about the restaurant. And read our IGTD Bite about a certain cocktail.



Denver Ear
Photo courtesy Masterpiece Kitchen.

Where: Hangar 2 Development in the Lowry Neighborhood

When: Open since March 2016

Cuisine: American

Masterpiece Kitchen, by Chef Justin Brunson, is an American-style bar and grill restaurant that serves gourmet sandwiches, burgers and barbecue food. The restaurant features an on-site smoker that makes for an authentic Kansas-style meal, in a modern and chic setting.



Where: Corner of E. 1st Ave & Steele Street in the Cherry Creek Neighborhood

When: Open since April 2016

Cuisine: Japanese

Matsuhisa, by Celebrity Chef & Restaurateur Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, is the third Matsuhisa restaurant to open in the state of Colorado (the other two are located in Aspen and Vail). If the name Matsuhisa is unfamiliar, then maybe the name Nobu, with its critically acclaimed restaurants around the world, will ring a bell.

Matsuhisa offers new-style Japanese cuisine with menu items such as its Matsuhisa Signature Style sashimi, Wagyu beef, black cod miso and its one-of-a-kind sake.



Where: Corner of E Florida Ave. & S Pearl Street in the Platte Park Neighborhood

When: Late Summer 2016

Cuisine: Mexican

Que Bueno Suerte, by Denver-based restaurateur Mission Yogurt, Inc. and overseen by Consulting Chef Dana Rodriguez of Work & Class, will serve upscale, modern and eclectic Mexican cuisine. The restaurant’s name derives both from its Spanish translation of ‘what good luck/fortune’ and in a nod to the company’s casual restaurant Que Bueno in Westminster, which had to shut down due to the demolishment of the building. Executive Chef, Vincente “Vinny” Sosa and a talented culinary team will oversee the restaurant along with Rodriguez.



The Pig & The Sprout
The Pig & The Sprout. Photo courtesy

Where: Corner of 19th and Chestnut Streets in the Union Square Neighborhood.

When: Open since late June 2016

Cuisine: New American

The Pig & The Sprout, by Executive Chef Rhett Clark, is an American restaurant that offers an eclectic menu with dishes that are either hearty or light, in a nod to its dual name.

The playful menu is showcased with items such as the house-ground hamburger with a ranch spread, along with items such as the cauliflower and farro salad. The duality theme even reaches its cocktail menu, with categorized lists of “Pig” cocktails, to compliment the heavier dishes, and “Sprout” cocktails, to compliment the lighter dishes.

Read InGoodTasteDenver’s review here.



Where: Corner of 30th and Blake Streets in the RiNo Neighborhood

When: Open since April 2016

Cuisine: New American

The Perservery, designed by owners Obe & Whitney Ariss and curated by Chef Brenden Russell, is the newest addition to the RiNo neighborhood food-scene. The Perservery is a unique restaurant since it also combines a bar, a bakery, a live music venue and a marketplace, in its warehouse-style space. This community-focused eatery (which sources its ingredients locally), gives diners the experience of enjoying menu items such as a Wagyu steak for dinner, while listening to live musicians and then grabbing a carton of milk and bread to take home at the end of the night.

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