Recently, we visited Lucky Cat, a new incarnation of a restaurant by Chef/restaurateur Troy Guard, in the Lowry Dining District. We have fond memories of our visit but the one thing we just haven’t been able to get out of our minds is the Bangkok Summer cocktail! It’s our latest IGTD Bite, a closer look at something we really loved.

The Bangkok Summer is one of six specialty cocktails, served at Lucky Cat, for $8 each or $5 during Happy Hour, Tuesday-Friday, 3-6pm. Bangkok Summer is full of interesting things – Thai chili vodka, mint, lemon and soda but the kicker, which made it stand out to us not only in flavor but also in exotic color, was turmeric! We love this spice in Indian and Ethiopian cooking but had never thought to incorporate it in a cocktail. But cocktail times, they are a changing, and anything goes. That’s one of the things that makes us partial to cocktails – they are like cooking with various ingredients to come up with something special!

Go to Lucky Cat and give Bangkok Summer a try.

Just look at that vibrant color in Bangkok Summer, right, along with the Gong Show cocktail, egg rolls and Bao Bun at Lucky Cat