What a beautiful, golden cocktail we have for Day 8 of the 12 Cheers of Christmas. For this one, you’ll “have to” go to Vail. Small sacrifice to make, we’d say. Get social with us and this series! Follow and share #12CheersIGTD.


12 Cheers of Christmas.
It’s what you take away, not what you add, that makes the Russian Storm special.

(L)arkspur in Vail has whipped up the Russian Storm. It’s made with Russian Standard Vodka, gingerbread syrup and Goslings Ginger Beer. The drink was created a few years back as an ode to the gingerbread houses commonly seen around the holidays.

This libation is a creative twist on the Moscow Mule. The gingerbread syrup is unique to (L)arkspur and is a recipe that Josh Stevenson (former bar manager) and Christopher Eckert (current beverage director ) tweaked throughout the years to make it just right. The secret is to remove the ginger and the orange peel before the syrup takes on a bitter flavor profile.

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