Well, hello big fella! He and his twin flank the doors of Adrift on South Broadway.

Along the mish-mash of old and new along South Broadway, two giant totem poles are the first clue that there’s something different lurking behind the big, wooden doors. Step inside and you have most certainly entered another world – the islands! There’s a feeling of both authenticity and kitch in Adrift, a smaller-than-you’d expect throwback to tiki-time  when, in the 50’s and 60’s, decorating one’s home with net-trapped, colorful globes, wooden serving bowls shaped like pineapples and tiki torches in the yard was the thing all the cool cats did. You’re on Island Time, baby and that’s before you ever have a sip of food or umbrella-laden drink.

Say “aloha” to Adrift’s new Ohana Happy Hour featuring 100% Colorado craft-brews and more fun, fancy cocktails than you can shake your grass skirt at!  It’s available from 4-6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Specials include $3 Bayside Beers (taps, bottles and cans), $4 Beach Pours ( Vodka, gin, bourbon, rum and tequila) and $5 Island Cocktails (House Infusion Cocktails: tequila, rum and vodka, Daiquiris, Frozen Rum Punch). In addition, all Tiki Cocktails are $2 off Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Expect flowers, paper umbrellas, ribbons of citrus peel and more to decorate your cocktail. The shareable Bowl Cocktails, even come draped in shell necklaces. This place is an event!

Everyone deserves a good (tuna) poke! Isn’t this one beautiful?
Which exotic, colorful, highly decorated cocktail will you choose?

Although the cocktails are festive and fun, the Polynesian-inspired food is pretty fabulous too. During the Ohana Happy Hour, the $10 Surfer Special is a heck of a deal with the beer of your choice plus a burger, wings, Hawaiian tofu or pork rice bowl. Other Beachcomber Bites include addictive $1 Pele Chicken Wings, the $2 Kona Kalua Pork Slider, $3 Edamame, $3 Polynesian Pickle Plate, $3 Taro Chips & Dip and $4 Tempura Onion Rings. In addition to the Happy Hour menu, Adrift offers other delicious items like the dramatic tuna poke, burgers and other small plates.

Better get something in your stomach…like all of this!
The world outside disappears when you’re on Island Time in Adrift.

Owned by Paul Tamburello, of Little Man Ice Cream fame, this is his first venture outside of his restaurant group and you can tell he’s having fun with it. You can’t help but have fun in this intimate space that’s about going a little overboard, taking us land-locked Denverites on a little journey to someplace lush, warm and so, so tropical. 

Adrift is located at 218 S. Broadway, Denver. 

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