What are you willing to sacrifice to others? Derek McKee is giving up a week of freedom, domestic comforts and fresh air by living in a 10 x 10 plastic box on Denver’s 16th St Mall. His only break is to go to the bathroom. Otherwise, he’s there 24/7 with only a sleeping bag on the hard granite pavers for comfort.


Derek’s there for up to a week on a quest to fill 14 large barrels with donated food for the Food Bank of The Rockies Homeless Youth efforts. He so impressed us with his great attitude, energy, big smile and youthful passion.


When asked why he does this and what inspired him, Derek responded…

“A few years back I lived on the streets of LA’s skid row. It was an eye opening experience I’ll never forget. I wanted to make a difference here in Denver.”

Help Derek make a difference. Head down to the mall with a bag of canned goods and fill those barrels. Send Derek home early, and prove The Mile High City is generous and caring!


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